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Are leo dicaprio and rihanna dating, relationship timeline

I knew she was putting her hopes high and he just used her for a bit. If you would have followed Leo, like his fans do, you would know that these two have spent a lot of time together since St Barts, where the rumors started.

When you think about it, it explains a lot of the rumors: He and RiRi reportedly met while on vacation in St. Second, whats your point?

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There was no denial by his rep via Gossip Cop but they could have the second the hooking up rumors started but they didnt…They were not dating but hanging with each other, partying together just having a fling.

Rihanna's heartbreak revealed and it's not over Chris Brown But despite persistent rumors circulating since New Year's that Rihanna has been secretly dating the Wolf of Wall Street actor, it looks like it isn't actually the case.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Plus there is another reason why his reps were forced to issue a statement, take a closer look at the TMZ pics and you might find out.

Now the TMZ pics have forced him to make an announcement in order to put youve been flirting again traduzione end to the dating rumors but take a closer look at the statement it says he is single, he is not dating anybody but not that he hadnt hooked up with Rihanna!

Reading comprehension Miss Toni There you have it folks. We can all move on now. Sound off down in the comments! In addition to that, he's a part owner of the company that makes OSO energy drinks.

Being linked to Rihanna was a change to the barely legal VS models he was dating and the reason he was made fun of, she was good for his image until the pics with the blunt got published. But Richie sounds like he's a catch, too.

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Tourist Yes and why now and not when the rumors started 2 month ago? You probably havent followed the Ri-Leo stories as I did as a Leo fan with fellow Leo fans on, guess where, Leo thread. One shot even shows Richie and Rihanna together — though Dave Chappelle and Naomi Campbell are sitting in between the pair.

And with the release of the TMZ pics their lives would become even crazier as a consequence his reps made an official statement.

Mango First, Gossip Cop is known to work with celebs.

Something to hide guys? Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio fuel dating rumours after NYC night out

PopGoesTheWeasel She debunks album release dates not who she is dating. His name linked Rihanna is all bad attention. She has the next best thing, though — Leo's best friend, Richie Akiva. And here's an important detail: Not after a decade of her dating bunch a clowns who date strippers and thots, Chris Brown and Drakehas she dated anyone elseoh a minor league ball player who dated Kohle Kardaishan.

Rihanna's barely-there fashion statement According to the Daily Mail, Richie has been around every time Rihanna and Leo have been linked in the last few months.

Many reports were stating that they would have a non attached relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna -- First Photo!! Banging, But It's a Little One-Sided |

There is a difference between dating and hooking up with someone! Mango Its ok, its your choice if you want to believe the hooking up rumors or not.

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I remeber that a brazilian model stated that she has been dating Leo for a few month, which was denied too…. After 2 month smmy33 You must be talking about another Rihanna, pretty sure she used social media many times to make statements, go after people if they made comments about her.

Rihanna Is Said To Have Been Dating Dicaprio for Three Months Now

Guest But he did it. Barths, which is where Rihanna was rumored to have hooked up with Leo. Was nice talking to you: If Rihanna is actually dating Richie, it totally makes sense that his best bud, Leo, would be around, sparking the rumors. Dont you believe the hooking up rumors at all or are you wondering why his rep denied the dating rumors via LA Times?

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Now after two long month the rep issues a statement via LA Times. That this is one if that the only times his publicist had to debunk a rumour officially.

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D This time, after two month of non stop articles, hooking up rumors. Rihanna is an A list musician who has been linked to Leo since St Barts late December, then the bunny tweeted about them kissing at the Playboy Mansion and since then these two have been seen at several events and partying together.

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