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Language Much profanity, including nearly uses of "f--k" some with "mother"as well as plenty of uses of "s--t," "ass," "damn," and "hell. Frank coldly shoots a man on the street hole in head visible.

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Following a shooting, there's blood on the floor and walls. Violence Several scenes show shooting, fighting, and tense stand-offs between men wielding large guns.

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A man is thrown down the stairs, with bloody results. And since the plot focuses on heroin smuggling and dealing, there are many shots of junkies and drug use including needles in arms, cocaine being snorted, and more.

American Gangster

Positive Messages Gangsters are cruel, cocky, and greedy; cops are earnest and honest to a fault. Frequent cigarette and cigar smoking reflecting the s setting.

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Clips of the Vietnam War appear on background TVs. Sexual content includes scenes with prostitutes, kissing, bare breasts, and cleavage, and there's plenty of language, including almost uses of "f--k. Flashback shows Frank shooting someone while saying he's a "gentleman.

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Men appear in bars and clubs with multiple girlfriends and sex workers who show cleavage in tight outfits. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Dancers in a Bangkok bar show cleavage and sexy behavior.

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Frank is massaged by a woman naked from the waist up. Frank and Eva kiss passionately, though the act is mostly covered up by her long hair. Nixon appears on TV, denouncing "drug abuse. Sex Prostitutes stroll New York streets.

Consumerism Coca-Cola, Ford Mustang.

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What parents need to know Parents need to know that this based-on-a-true story drama about a brutal s gangster isn't for kids. He commits extremely violent acts, which are depicted explicitly often with guns and accompanied by blood, wounds, and groaning.

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Their run-ins result in violence and, eventually, collaboration. Images of heroin transportation by sacks and bricksproduction, and use; needles shown on tables and in arms a bloody needle in one shot ; cocaine and heroin snorting.

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Skeet shooting; brief shots of a boxing match. An early scene shows the funeral of gangster's mentor, followed by vows of aggression against rivals.

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Women's naked breasts are visible as they work to process drugs. Cops raid drug locations, with guns drawn and used.

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. A lot or a little? Brief, rowdy sex scene in a kitchen; a couple of scenes show kissing Richie with a stewardess.