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Worst hook up ever Workshop The workshop is located in an old building, on the beautiful island of Aegin, 15 miles from Athens Greece.

This is for the standard GDAE violin tuning.

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The Art of Making Musical Instruments The best choices of wood The art and precision in crafting The best varnish materials and the uniqueness of the models designed by Dimitris Karaoglanis make every instrument of the workshop a masterpiece. Needless to add, I have the feeling that in those violins there is a great deal of potential.

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You want to keep the tension on each string fairly equal. Zakhar BronViolin Player This post is also available in: Testimonials With great pleasure I got to know the work of the Greek violin maker, Dimitris Karaoglanis.

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In the hands of good violinists those instrument can be enriched and developed further. The sound of each instrument is a unique experience for every perceptive musician.

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Respect to the elements is what a violin maker should establish at first. Only well-seasoned European wood is used for the constraction. The finish is made with the best oil varnish.

If the tension varies too much it might cause the bridge to collapse. The second is what man has madebut out of materials from the nature.

The image on the right shows the notes for each string and also shows where the fine tuners are located.

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Materials are carefully selected. If this is the case then tune each string a little at a time and then go on to the next string.

So, Who is the doer? The bridge is not glued or attached to the violin, it is held there by the tension of the strings. For other methods on how to tune your violin go to our How to Tune the Violin page.

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It is a Gods instrument through which he expresses his love to all of us. Also while you are tuning pay attention to the bridge, it should always be perpendicular to your violin and be straight, not angled. Working with the wood is itself a state of meditation.

Iwas very fond of the beauty this creations have, the graceful workmanship, the richness of timbre, how easy is to extract strong and flexible sound. Learn how to play: If you want to tune your violin using alternate violin tunings, check out our new Online Violin Tuner which allows you to change the pitch for each string.

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Beginner violin players tend to have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to learning how to play. If your violin is extremely out of tune or if you are replacing the strings on the violin, and tuning it the first time, you have to be careful.

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SoWho is the receiver? Now that you have your violin tuned, it is time to start playing it. Use the tuning pegs at the top of the violin to get close to the correct tone, and then use the fine tuners on the tail piece to do the fine tuning.

At the end the SOUND of the instrument, unique for each one and as important and respectable as everything else given to us.

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Greek Interesting links Here are some interesting links for you! The instrument responds, posing no difficulty, no effort requiring, giving the performer the possibility of achieving a big range of dynamic amplitudes. The space is made from wood and stone and the blue light from the Greek sky illuminates all around.