Use hidden Windows tweaks to speed up your Internet and network connections Use hidden Windows tweaks to speed up your Internet and network connections

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Only change one setting at a time. These should represent your typical internet or network use, as much as possible text flirting advice for men don't measure FTP download performance if you never grab files this way in real life.

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Steps to Disable NIC Settings So we decided to replicate the same settings which were on other production servers into our impacted server where the fatal errors were reported.

We ran the below command to check the existing values of these SNP settings: If you're looking at optimizing your network performance, then, you should probably start by seeing which of these technologies is enabled on your PC -- and this applies even if you think you know already, as there's no telling when a Windows tweaking tool or other package might have decided to "optimize" your connection without telling you exactly what it's doing.

For broadband internet connections that combine high TCP Window with higher latency high BDPthese algorithms do not increase the TCP windows fast enough to fully utilize the bandwidth of the connection. This can significantly increase the amount of traffic that can be handled without severely impacting the CPU.

Add-On Congestion Control Provider

You can't rely on Windows activating this setting, though, so if Chimney Offload State is marked as "disabled" then you might want to try turning it on manually.

Compound TCP takes a different approach, ramping up your TCP window size much more aggressively, and so enabling this may improve performance. This should be left enabled for pure throughput and efficiency, disabled for gaming and where lower latency is desired at the expense of a bit higher CPU utilization, and a bit more multicast traffic.

The majority of these databases were around 1 to 1.

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CTCP attempts to maximize throughput by monitoring delay variations and packet loss. However, it can also reduce latency in some games with ECN-capable routers in the presence of packet loss dropped packets.

Alternative netsh syntax is: If performance is worse or you're currently using CTCP, and want to see how your system runs without itenter: The next morning he sent me another email and the logs were copied over before he showed up for work at 7am. The session will be terminated input error: Whether it will improve performance or not depends on many different factors, including whether your router supports it.

May be worth trying "enabled" for gaming with unstable connections.

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The objective of DCA is to reduce memory latency and the memory bandwidth requirement in high bandwidth Gigabit environments. This has the effect of reducing the workload on the host CPU and moving it to the NIC, allowing both the Host OS to perform quicker and also speed up the processing of network traffic.

NetDMA will be disabled through the registry, so make sure to backup your registry before doing the next steps. Default state is network adapter dependent.

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The above is just one illustration of issues that incorrect settings in this area can bring to your environment.

Receive Window Auto-Tuning has a number of benefits. At that point I asked the customer to change the scalable network pack items from above to: If this is a single vCPU then you will receive no benefit.

And IT administrators no longer need to manually configure a TCP receive window size for specific computers. To pick a single adapter and only modify its checksum offload state, find installed adapters using this cmdlet: To disable do the following.

By default, it is on by default under Server The default state is: Now let's check these settings on our impacted system.

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When we looked at the physical machines we saw they had a network driver with a publishing date of December 17, ECN is disabled by default, as it is possible that it may cause problems with some outdated routers that drop packets with the ECN bit set, rather than ignoring the bit.

It allows routers experiencing congestion to mark packets and allow clients to automatically lower their transfer rate to prevent further packet loss. Do these work for you, though? You can pick and choose the settings that work best for your environment.

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The customer changed the SNP features and then rebooted the machines in question. Get-NetAdapter Receive-Side Scaling State RSS The receive-side scaling setting enables parallelized processing of received packets on multiple processors, while avoiding packet reordering.

Be careful with this setting, test before using in production Notes: