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Fraser achimota school ghana website dating previously been Principal of Trinity College, Kandyan elite school in Ceylonnow Sri Lankaand was hailed as the greatest colonial headmaster of his day by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

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It is a secondary school, teacher's training college and university rolled into one, and in planning, design and equipment it bears comparison with any educational institution anywhere. We can boast of a highly qualified teaching and non — teaching staff who have passion for their jobs and take time to nurture the students holistically.

The campus facilities comprise a library, a cadet square, two chapels, one of which is the Aggrey Memorial Chapel ; three dining halls, two on the eastern compound and another on the Western campus two gymnasia, the Achimota School Post Office, extensive sports playing fields, a swimming pool, [12] a cricket oval, basketball court, tennis and squash courts, and an arboretum.

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That committee recommended the establishment of a comprehensive institution at Achimota to provide general secondary education, teacher training and technical education for male students.

It also has its achimota school ghana website dating hospital, museum, library and printing press. A description of Achimota School at its inception is provided below: And from thy children wider flow, the rivers of eternity" —quote from school hymn Achimota School occupies over two square miles hectares of prime real estate in the middle of the Achimota Forest Reserve in the Accra Metropolitan Area.

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There are several bungalows on campus for teaching staff members. In a tribute to Akora Adrian Sherwood, a longtime English master at Achimota, the Ghana High Commission in London praised Achimota, quoting the words of the school's founding doctrine, for enabling its graduates "to know the life that is life indeed and go forth from it as living waters to a thirsty land.

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From until it opened on 28 January paralelni sveti online dating, Guggisberg, Fraser and Aggrey worked together to realise Guggisberg's dream of establishing a first-class co-educational school and college.

The students live in residential blocks spaced round the grounds, each holding 60 students and divided into 4 dormitories. This led to an increase in the number of places offered to girls by the College. The Legislative Council went on to approve the —24 budget for the establishment of the Prince of Wales College and School, and in MarchGuggisberg laid the foundation stone.

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Aggrey campaigned vigorously for women's education at a time when the idea was not popular, and held the belief that to educate a man was to educate an individual, while educating a woman had more far-reaching benefits to family and community. All our facilities are fully air-conditioned and each section has a sick bay with a fulltime nurse, a tuck shop, well equipped science, language and ICT labs and a big library.

There are boarding facilities available for both boys and girls in the secondary section. As Guggisberg put it, "In spite of the existence of one or two educational institutions of a secondary nature, the intellectual gap between the African who had completed his education at an English University and the semi-educated African of our primary school is dangerously wide.

From its inception Achimota placed special emphasis on the value of the use of one's hands in agriculture, technical and vocational.

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Quartey Quaye Papafiothe Hon. Nanka-Bruceboth of Accra; the Hon. We have taken great care to create a beautiful, safe, stimulating and very interesting environment for your child to grow and develop.

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E and A level Examinations. Achimota has concerned itself to set a standard of excellence in whatever field of education that meets the national needs.

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History Vilac International School was established in September to offer quality education to meet the learning needs of a rapidly growing and diverse worldwide community. Please return completed application to the school. Brown of Cape Coastand the Hon. The school started in Achimota, a suburb of Accra, with the Junior Section which caters for the needs of pupils from the Pre-school stage up to the Junior High School or Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint stage.

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Forms can be obtained from the school. Please remember to include: The East Legon Campus prepares students for the W. James Aggrey was the first Vice-Principal — Admission Procedures Please complete and fill out an application form.

No one is more ready than I to sympathize with the legitimate aspirations of the African for advancement and for a greater share in the Government of this country, but if we are to help him to do this, if we are to protect the masses from the hasty and ill-conceived schemes of possible local demagogueswe must hasten as rapidly as our means will allow to fill up the gap between the two classes.

The Colonial government meant to carry out its policy to establish an excellent secondary institution where teachers as well as students would be trained.

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It possesses a swimming pool, extensive playing fields, a nature reserve, a demonstration farm and a model village for the college employees. Inas a result of the Phelps-Stokes Commission's report on education, Guggisberg appointed a committee to review its recommendations for Gold Coast education reform.

From its student body and teaching college emerged many notable African personalities, including several heads of state, politicians, academics, scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, architects, diplomats, computer scientists, agriculturists, accountants, artists, business leaders and industrialists.

As the school progressed and advanced in age, there became the need for expansion to provide a continuation for Secondary Education.

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In AugustGuggisberg met and befriended native-born Dr. It also offers a hybrid system made up of the Cambridge primary and GES curricula. Fraser was the first Principal —and Dr. The serene ambience of the school makes teaching and learning conducive and a school of choice for many who desire quality education.

Appointments are Monday-Friday, beginning at 8: As one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind, known for its high academic standards and culture, it trained Pan-Africanist leaders during Sub-Saharan Africa's struggle for independence from colonial powers.

The school's colonial architecture and planned landscape make it visually pleasing to tour the campus and its wooded countryside-like surroundings.