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The Photo Diary by Monisha Monisha and rules for online dating joke images team are a bunch of super fun, extremely professional people.

No wedding in this city or anywhere in India happens without jewellery. We had a lot of fun during all our events getting photographed. November 20, — Posted in: Pratiksha Design House I told the designer what I wanted and she helped me with the designs, colour and material. I looked so natural and soooo much like me!

I really enjoyed working with them, extremely friendly and sweet team. Satisfied with the first time interaction with a jeweller I went home happy coz I got something in what budget I was looking for.

Thankfully, the store guys got me the exact same piece here.

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The ring which I wore the diamond came of in one month and I gave it to repair, they said its a small fixing problem and will give it to me in 2 weeks Which was still shocking coz putting glue and fixing takes how much time and the highlight is I havent still recieved the ring post two weeks everytime I call they are up with some stories or the other.

Lots of variety there! Avenue Road is still busy with jewellery sales, but the evolution has brought in not only big brands to the table but also a lot of online jewellery brands.

With a lot of thinking I still went for the same ring cause my hand was all tied.

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They had exactly what I was looking for. Gitanjali Group Originally it is started as the diamond export company in Surat then they have launched their jewellery brand Gili with the full of flattering jewellery designs.

They were extremely helpful and friendly. I told them I cant have this its out of my budget to which the guy cooly said he will make a new one but this time it will take a month to make when they knew my engagement was 7 days later.

Nikhil and his team were actually like my bridesmaids throughout my wedding keeping me calm and making me smile. The highlight experience with them was when they actually offered to provide sit-down dinner on banana leaf for our wedding ceremony for guests as this was a tradition we usually follow.

The Common Sense, Mumbai The music at my wedding was amazing. They are worth every penny you pay and very very reasonably priced, another trustworthy team I worked with. Taj was the closest hotel to the airport and gave us an excellent deal for rooms and catering.

She does some excellent embroidery work and outfits. The time was delayed and delayed 2 weeks from the time of delivery but my excitement kept me calm. Non of the employees have any sense of customer satisfaction and what they want to, their courteousness in the store only hides the amount of they have within them.

They promised a certain date and delivered way before that date. They are so quick with the delivery of the final product which is the best part.

An extremely professional and talented photographer, he covered my engagement ceremony and I knew he was going to do my wedding too. The Leela Palace pastry chef Avijit It was a three-tier cake. His work is definitely worth every penny you pay and he is definitely very reasonably priced.

Tulsi Silks Excellent collection of sarees and well within my budget too. Nikhil Shastri Nikhil is known for his candid photography, he is absolutely amazing and captures every moment beautifully.

They had exactly what I was looking for and made it very easy to make my decision. She definitely did a fabulous job and she was very well within my budget.

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I saw it, came back and tried other places and wanted the same one later. It might look same, from the outside, but really there are thousands of styles and designs. They are very very reasonably priced and are definitely the best in town.

They are known for beautiful designs, credibility, purity and trust. And, not really all jewellery stores have same designs. You have to see it to believe it. So the first thing that came to my mind was a photo frame.

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They even made their staff who were serving to dress up traditionally to fit the theme. I am not gonna finish here and m surely going to abuse the person in the top of that useless jewellery shop and tell them that they rather can shut the shop and start a garage.

Bhima Jewellers Bhima jewellers have started in from Kerala and have the heritage of 90 years. They basically create a fusion of beautiful english songs combined and mixed up with Bollywood songs.

They were extremely professionalsuper quality and were great on delivery time. Based on the location you are, you can choose the best place to buy jewellery in Bangalore after going over this blog.

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The minute we met him we clicked instantly which actually made it so easy for us to be comfortable around him. Not only was the design perfect, the taste was out of the world. He was just amazing at his work.

They were so amazing and kept my guests entertained. The story didnt end here, my fiance coz she wanted the same jodi ring ordered the ring and it was final price Which startled me but anyways thats not even the real story.

Asma and Her Team Asma and her team from Bangalore were amazing with their designs and mehendi quality. A city situated in the state that has a rich heritage of kings and palaces and jewels and stuff is evolving.

We chose them because they had an absolutely beautiful ballroom and beautiful courtyard with a huge banyan tree in the centre.

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I always wanted my invitation to be such a kind that everyone could use it. Vivanta by Taj Yeshwantpur Taj is known for their hospitality and excellent quality and food. The contemporary style still persists, but with the mix of tech culture, the cosmo nature has brought Bangalore a plethora of style and aura.